Council Meetings

Published: 26 June 2020

During the current crisis where it is not permitted to hold physical meetings we will be holding our meetings 'virtually' with the use of Zoom. From 26 May we will hold two meetings a month - on the 2nd and last Tuesday at 19:00.

When the agenda is issued for each meeting it will contain instructions as to how residents may 'join' the meeting - you will, of course, require access to the Zoom facility.

Initially we will limit the number of public to 6 to see how we manage, and we hope to include a public participation session for comments to be made and questions asked of the council. However, it will greatly assist the management of these virtual meetings if questions are emailed to the Clerk prior to the meeting and an answer supplied either by in the meeting if time allows, or by email.

Virtual meetings will be advertised by email, on the website and Facebook in the normal way, but there will be no notices placed on notice boards.

Councils have been advised to put any major projects on hold and not to start on any new ones.