Planning Applications

Planning application papers can be found on the Local Planning Authority's web site.

Please see below for applications advised to the Parish Council which have not yet been determined.  The responses by the Parish Council are noted in brief - full responses are available to view on the FODDC website.

Applications pending, listed numerically


Clearwell & Stowe Hill quarries, Stowe Green, St Briavels

Variation of condition 2 (approved working programme) relating to planning permission DF2238X (03/00012/COUNTY) dated 5/1/2007. Parish Council response - OBJECTION prefer a quality restoration scheme rather then that proposed.


Newland: Newland House

Enlargement of lake, erection of bridge over lake, erection of agricultural storage building and top gates. (Retrospective)


Clearwell: Little Millend, Millend

Removal of condition (b) (holiday let) from DF11273 to remove holiday let aspect. Parish Council response: no objection.


Redbrook: 2 Mount Villas, Upper Redbrook

Erection of garage with associated works. Parish Council: supports application.


Little Grove, Stowe Lane, St Briavels

Change of use of agricultural land to residential curtilage. Erection of a garden room, installation of sewerage treatment plant and drainage field. Parish Council: objection - expansion of very small building into large dwelling in open countryside; work appears to have been undertaken in recent months to modernise and enlarge what was a derelict building. Object to field being taken into curtilage of building.


Clearwell: Clearwell Farm, The Rocks

Erection of a raw material store and general store building including photovoltaic roof panels and associated drainage and engineering work. Demolition of two existing poultry units. Parish Council response: objection - weight of HGVs, risk of zoonotic cross contamination with adjacent intensive poultry unit, effect on bats, over intensification of site of a period of years.

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