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Clearwell Recreation Ground

The Recreation Ground was bought on behalf of the parish of Newland by various trustees for £113/15/- (£113.75) on 11 April 1933. At that time there was a swimming pool fed by local stream water, but this was filled in many years ago. In the past, football and cricket were played regularly but interest in these has diminished probably due to the lack of good facilities. 

The land was conveyed to Newland Parish Council as custodian trustee in 2010 when it was realised that all but one of the named trustees were deceased; this will ensure continuity of title in perpetuity.  The land is managed by the Management Committee (details of members below) which over recent years has raised funds to enhance the facilities provided.

In 2012 new play equipment was installed courtesy of a £50,000 grant from the National Lottery and those facilities are now well used. The Management Committee secured further grant funding in 2014 of £9,500 to install shower and toilet facilities in the pavilion which, it is hoped, will encourage sports teams back.

In 2014 a successful application was made to Fields In Trust to have the area designated as a Centenary Field (the first in the southwest of England); this is quite appropriate as the ground is overlooked by the house in which Francis Miles VC was born - he was awarded the Victoria Cross for action on 23 October 1918.

The constitution is here: /Newland-PC/UserFiles/Files/Constitution.pdf 






Clearwell Recreation Ground Management Committee (as at  22 March 2018)   

Chairman - Julia Brindley T 01594 810889  E: juliabrindley@waitrose.com

Secretary - Jane MacBean  T01594 837769  E: jane.macbean@btinternet.com

Treasurer - Richard Eaves  T 01594 835738  E: richeaves@yahoo.com

Parish Council representative - Alan Purvis T 01600 715620  E: purvisnpurvis@hotmail.co.uk 

Committee members:

Rowan Jones  T 01594 839354  E: rowanjj@sky.com

George Brooks  E: georgeandkirsty@gmail com

Kirsty Brooks  E:  georgeandkirsty@gmail.com

Richard Henson T 01594 837874 E: richardhenson19@gmail.com 

Mike Jones T 01594 839354 E: mikejbj@sky.com

Jodie Sterry  T 01594 834213  E: jodiesterry@aol.com

Albert Brindley T 01594 810889 E: juliabrindley@waitrose.com