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MINUTES OF QUARRY COMMITTEE MEETINGS - are on our 'Meetings minutes' page  

Following items in reverse order ie most recent at the top. 

5 February 2018 

Our full response to the latest planning application is here and Appendix 2 (a separate document) in 2 parts is here (1) and here (2).

17 January 2018 

Our template letter of objection is available to download here 

Please ensure the letter is dated, signed and quotes your name and address.  You can post it to the address on the letter or email it to jason.betty@gloucestershire.gov.uk 

Please ensure it is received by 9 February.

7 December 2017 

Breedon Southern Ltd submit application (ref 17/0122/FDMAJM) seeking an extension of Stowe Hill quarry by 13.56ha (bringing total quarry area up to 28.55ha) an increase of 110%.  This is area to the northeast of the Longley Farm drive to the road between Shophouse and Trow Green.

Permission is sought to lower the quarry floor from 176m AOD to 170m AOD within the extension area to release an additional c 2.5 million tons of limestone over 4 years.  There will, of necessity, be a new drive to Longley Farm from the B4228.

No change is sought to output (600k tons / year), extraction and processing methods unchanged as are working hours.   

At the present time, the original application has NOT been withdrawn. 

1 August 2017 

We are advised by GCC that they have agreed a time extension with the applicant until 23 November. 

27 February 2017 

We have responded to the additional information supplied by Breedon's at the request of GCC - you can read it here.  

We have prepared a template letter which we would encourage you to personalise or use as the basis for your own objection.  Please submit to GCC by 15 March. Letter here.

23 September 2016 County Council 2016 draft Minerals Local Plan

The second draft Minerals Local Plan (2016 dMLP) has been published by GCC.  There is a consultation period running from 29 September until 17:00 on 24 November.  This replaces the first draft (see below under 1 July 2014).

The plan can be viewed here   Scan to the bottom of the page, click on Supporting Documents and the plan is the first document. 

Our response may be viewed here   

We also have a template letter you may wish to use - please adapt it as you see fit, here 

24 May 2016 

We submit a Supplementary Response to Breedon's planning application dealing with noise, dust and NO2 pollution.  Click here to view. 

19 February 2016 

Our response (objection) to the planning application (GCC ref 15/0108/FDMAJM) is submitted.  Click here to view

11 February 2016 

Template letter of objection click here

1 July 2014 - County Council draft Minerals Local Plan (MLP)

The draft MLP can be viewed here  - the pages relevant to the parish are 43 - 45

Click here to view the Newland Parish Council response.