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MINUTES OF QUARRY COMMITTEE MEETINGS - are on our 'Meetings minutes' page  

Following items in reverse order ie most recent at the top. 

1 August 2018

We have raised objections to the Minerals Local Plan here:

Policy DM01 - Air pollution

Policy DM01 - Buffer zones

Policy DM05 - Water resources and a Supplementary objection

Policy DM09 - Landscape 

28 June 2018 

Below is a summary of the responses we have made to the current and previous (still 'live') applications. 

Application 15/0108/FDMAJM original response - February 2016

Application 15/0108/FDMAJM supplementary response - March 2017 

Application 17/0122/FDMAJM original response - February 2018

Application 17/0122/FDMAJM supplementary response - March 2018 

Application 17/0122/FDMAJM further supplementary response - June 2018