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Planning Applications

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Please see below for applications advised to the Parish Council since 2016. The most recent ones are at the top

LPA ref Location Proposal Parish Council Response (Summary) Decision 
P1855/17/FUL Clearwell: 1 Lower Cross Erection of a replacement boundary fence, removal of existing hedge. (Retrospective) Under consideration 
17/0122/FDMAJM Stowe Green: Clearwell & Stowe Hill quarries Extension of Stowe Hill quarry & retention of mineral processing plant at Clearwell quarry. Under consideration - see 'Quarrying' page for progress etc  
P1933/17/TCA Newland : Ridgeway Removal of 11 x conifers & 1 Ash tree Under consideration  
P1825/17/FUL Whitecliff: Honeysuckle Cottage Erection of single storey extension Under consideration  
P1847/17/TCA Clearwell: Cemetery Chapel Removal of 12 trees No objection  
P1796/17/CPC As line below As line below As line below  
17/0110/FDMAJM Stowe Green: Clearwell & Stowe Hill Quarries Variation of Condition 2 (Approved working programme) of planning consent dated 5/1/07 [revised restoration programme]

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P1692/17/TCA Newland: Medina Remove 1 Ash tree & 1 Hazel tree to rear of property No objection--
TPO230 Newland: Yew Tree Cottage Creation of Tree preservation Order on Yew tree Support  --
P1482/17/FUL Newland: Rose Cottage Roof and internal alterations No objection  
P1483/17/LBC Newland: Rose Cottage  Listed Building Consent for aboveNo objection Permitted 7/11/17 - 3 conditions 
P1161/17/FUL Redbrook: Swallows Nest, Hillside Road Erection of a two-storey side extension & associated works No objectionPermitted 11/9/17 - 3 conditions 
P1140/17/FUL Clearwell: Clearwell Farm Erection of 4 agricultural buildings for poultry production (revised proposal of P0711/15/FUL Objection - see 'News' page for responseRefused 15/11/17
P1153/17/TCA Newland: All Saints Church Tree work (Lifting crowns and general pruning)No objection --
P1003/17/FUL Redbrook: land at To erect 6 foot panel fence and a drop kerb - part retrospective Objection: inappropriate in the AONB and at entry to village; appears to be pre-cursor to major building development; query legitimacy of fence height adjacent to highway; highway access; false statement in application form in particular claim that site is not in a flood risk zoneRefused 24/8/17 
P0990/17/FUL Newland, 3 Laundry Lane Alterations to dwelling including the erection of a juliette balcony No objection Permitted 4/8/17 - 3 conditions 
P0984/17/TE Redbrook: Football Club Erection of a 15m mobile phone mast with 2 antennae, 2 dishes, & 3 ground based cabinets for mobile electronic communications, 2G, 3G & 4G No comment. We recommend the applicant holds a public meeting to discuss this.Approved 11/8/17 - 3 conditions 
P0911/17/FUL Clearwell: Clearwell Farm Installation of a new biomass housing & 500kW biomass boiler No objectionApplication withdrawn 14/8/17 
P0739/17/TCA Newland: Fieldfares Tree work in conservation area No objection  --
P0470/17/FUL Clearwell: Woodpeckers, Lower Cross Single storey side extension No objection Permitted 12/5/17 - 3 conditions
P0442/17/LBC Clearwell: South Lodge, Church Street Listed building Consent for garden room No objection Permitted 26/7/17 - 2 conditions 
P0285/17/FUL Whitecliff: Honeysuckle CottageErection of a conservatory to rear of dwelling No objection 

Permitted 5/4/2017 - 2 conditions 

Clearwell: Clearwell Farm Appeal against refusal of permission for the erection of 8 broiler units with associated infrastructure following demolition of existing poultry units and bungalow. Appeal withdrawn 20/3/2017
16/0114/FDMAJM Stowe Green: Clearwell quarry Variation of condition 2 (use of concrete batching plant) of planning consent DF/2238/W dated 19/12/2002 No objection 


Redbrook: Hillside Road Construction of two detached dwellings Objection: site outside settlement boundary; access difficult & on steep walk-to-school route. Revised plans submitted in February - same objection.

Refused 1/4/2017

Appeal against refusal dismissed 25/10/2017 





Clearwell: Wyndham Arms Hotel Alterations & conversion of existing buildings to provide additional 4 hotel rooms No objectionPermitted 12/6/17 
P1486/16/LBC  As aboveListed Building Consent for above No objectionPermitted 12/6/17 - 8 conditions 


Clearwell: Bank Cottage, High Street Erection of a dwelling & part removal of boundary wall (retrospective) (amended scheme) No objection subject to conditions re front boundary wall & visibiliy splayApplication withdrawn 3/3/17 - no further action 


Clearwell: Cemetery Chapel, High Street Removal of 1 x Ash tree and 1 x Fir Tree No objectionPermitted 9/11/16 


Clearwell: 4 Orchard Close Fell 1 x Golden Cypress tree and 2 x Apple trees & work to 1 x Apple tree to remove 3m epicormic growth and crown thin by 5% No objection-- 


Clearwell: Lower Cross Cottage, Lower Cross Fell 1 x Yew tree, 1 x Ash tree and reduction of 1 x Hawthorn to 6m in height No objection -- 


Trow Green: Trow Green Farm Construction of a 10mw battery storage scheme (sui generis) within a proposed building for a period of 25 years and associated works Supports applicationPermitted 3/11/16 - 10 conditions 


St Briavels: Little Hesteyri, Coxbury Lane Change of use of land to equestrian and the erection of a stable yard and the erection of an outside arena No objection subject to no commercial use because of poor vehicular accessPermitted 2/11/16 - 4 conditions 


Newland: Savage Hill, Almshouses Road Construction of a replacement two storey dwelling. Demolition of the existing two storey dwelling No objectionPermitted 23/12/16 - 14 conditions 


Newland: Hallowes Alterations and extensions to an existing dwelling to include a car port structure and extended driveway. No objection. Permitted 7/10/16 - 4 conditions 


Newland: land adj The Burial Path Siting of toilet cubicle and tea making facilities within store room. Infilling of existing entrance to store room with a door, window and timber panelling Objection: planning by stealth; same objections as for original application plus effect on local highway re construction and emptying of septic tank.Permitted 20/10/16 - 2 conditions 


Clearwell: 2 The Cross Fell 2 x Conifer trees No objection --


Newland: Valley Lodge, Laundry Lane Construction of an outdoor riding arena No objection subject to no commercial usePermitted 19/8/16 - 4 conditions (inc no commercial use) 


Clearwell: Anchor House,The Rocks Proposed extensions to the front and side  and associated alterations. No objectionPermitted 22/8/16 - 4 conditions 


Clearwell: Bank Cottage, High Street Fell 1 x Conifer tree & replace with a Flowering Cherry tree No objection --


Newland: The Granary Erection of a shed No objectionApplication withdrawn 


Newland: Forge Cottage Conversion of existing stone / brick storeroom in to a fully usable music room. Removal of existing sheds and replace with a purpose built oak framed garage / workshop No objection subject to effective sound proofing of music room (close proximity to Village Room)Permitted 11/11/2016 - 3 conditions 


Newland: Sycamore House Reduce a line of Conifer trees to 1m in spread and 5m in height, fell 2 x Silver Spruce trees, 1 x Sycamore tree, 1 x Conifer tree and 1 x Hazel tree and pollard 2 x trees overhanging the road to minimum height of 3m 
Application withdrawn 25/7/2016  
P0850/16/TCA Clearwell: St Peters Church Trim and crown reduce 40 x Yew trees No objection --
P0816/16/FUL Redbrook: Chapel Lane Cottage Erection of a dwelling & associated works No objectionPermitted 23/8/16 - 8 conditions 
P0617/16/FUL Coleford: Puzzlewood, Perrygrove Road Proposed new cafe & reception area with associated works No objection -welcome encouragement of tourism; suggest discrete solar panels on flat roof. Permitted 5/7/16 - 10 conditions 


Clearwell: Margery Lane buildings, Margery Lane Application for prior Notification of conversion of agricultural buildings to 3 dwelling houses (Use Class C3)  No objection; would prefer affordable housing within the parish.No prior approval required 23/9/16 - 6 conditions 


Clearwell: Brook Cottage, The Cross Retrospective erection of a single private car garage (altered position to P2107/11/FUL) No objection Permitted 7/6/16 - 2 conditions


Sling: Ore Pool Barns, Chepstow Road Application for prior Notification of conversion of agricultural buildings to 3 dwelling houses (Use Class C3) No objection; comment - site access on fast stretch of B4228 with 60 mph limitPermitted 21/10/16 - 8 conditions 
P0379/16/FUL Whitecliff: Sundale Proposed detached garage / workshop with studio above, two storey side extension, demolition of conservatory and replacement single storey rear extension (revised scheme) No objection Permitted 23/5/16 - 6 conditions 
P0401/16/TCA Clearwell: opp Carpenters Cottages Fell 1 x Ash tree & 1 x Willow tree No objection subject to care being taken not to damage wall fronting the road.  --
P0402/16/TCA Clearwell: 1 High Street Fell 3 x Holly trees & 1 x Ash tree No objection; in view of difficult access and proximity to dwellings work to be undertaken only by qualified tree surgeon.  --
P0287/16/FULNewland: Newland House Change of use of land for the installation of 20 solar panels in a paddock adjacent to Newland House No objection subject to drainage to stop run-off from panels and any cabling to be undergroundpermitted 12/7/16 - 7 conditions 
P0287/16/FUL Clearwell: Scatterford Cottage, The Butts Single storey side extension (removal of existing conservatory) No objectionpermitted 25/4/16 - 2 conditions 
P0226/16/FUL Clearwell: Castle FarmConversion of Dovecote in to a holiday let No objection subject to planting being max. 1m high or rustic fence. Object to planting Walnut tree.Permitted 30/6/16 - 6 conditions 
P0236/16/LBC As above Listed Building Consent for above As above Permitted 30/6/16 - 2 conditions 
P0276/16/FUL Clearwell: Bank Cottage, High Street Erection of a dwelling & part-retrospective partial removal of boundary wall Objection. Deplore unauthorised destruction of important wall in Conservation Area - must be reinstated. Vehicular access would thus be unacceptable.Application withdrawn - no further action. 28/4/16 
P0317/16/TCA Clearwell: Willowdene, The Cross Reduction of 1 x Willow tree by 50% & felling 1 x Ash tree No objection -- 
P0066/16/TCA Newland: Hallowes Removal of 1 dead tree, 2 conifer trees, 1 conifer bush & 1 holly bush,  No objection -- 
15/0108/FDMAJM Stowe Green: Clearwell quarry 

Extension of Stowe Hill Quarry, the phased relocation of the mineral processing plant from Clearwell Quarry to Stowe Hill Quarry including a coating and replacement concrete plants and a road access onto the B4228, increase in the maximum output of material leaving Stowe Hill Quarry and revised restoration of Clearwell Quarry. 


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