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Planning Applications

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Please see below for applications advised to the Parish Council since 2017. The most recent ones are at the top

LPA ref Location Proposal Parish Council Response (Summary) Decision 
P1784/18/FULNewland: 4 Almshouses Road Erection of a single storey rear extension with associated works To be considered 27/11/184  
P1785/18/LBC Newland: 4 Almshouses Road Listed Building Consent for above To be considered 27/11/18  
P1746/18/FUL St Briavels: Wyegate Cottage, Coxbury Lane Erection of 2 x shepherds huts, 2 x fabric yurts, 1 x wooden yurt and erection of amenity block including associated works To be considered 27/11/18  
P0784/18/FUL Clearwell: Bank Cottage, High Street Alteration and changes to boundary wall and access (part retrospective).  Erection of a two storey double garage incorporating hobby room and gym. (Revised plans) To be considered 27/11/18  
P0637/18/FUL Newland: Savage Hill, Almshouses RoadAs below (revised plans) To be considered 27/11/18  
P0637/18/FUL Newland: Savage hill, Almshouses RoadVariation of condition 02 (approved plans) to include a retaining wall, car port & openings in the wall, 09 (landscaping) to provide additional landscaping and discharge of condition 04 (biodiversity enhancement) of planning permission P1111/16/FUL


Development fails to enhance the Conservation Area or the setting of the Grade I listed church adjacent. Condition 09 (landscaping) should be enforced. Car port should be demolished. LPA to check building footprint conforms to approved plans.

P1582/18/FUL Newland: Village Room Alterations (repointing, new barge boards, replacement French windows) to exterior of building No objection  
P1412/18/FUL Clearwell: Lambsquay House Hotel, Perrygrove Road Erection of a 2 storey rear extension with alterations to access and parking No objection  
P1573/18/TCA Clearwell: 2 Brooklyn Cottages, the Cross Tree work in Conservation AreaNo objection 
P1337/18/COU Stowe Green:Margery Corner Variation of condition 02 (occupancy) to allow for the holiday let to be used as an annexe No objection Permitted 17/10/18 - 3 conditions 
P1461/18/TCA Newland: South Lodge, Savage Hill Works to various trees No objection  
P1304/18/TCA Newland: The Lecturage, Almshouses Road Crown reduce 1 x Yew tree by less than 5%, 50% crown reduction of 1 x Acacia tree No objection  
P1191/18FUL Clearwell: Clearwell Farm Erection of a poultry building (Retrospective) 


Full response here 

DFTPO240Clearwell: Clearwell  FarmTree Preservation Order covering 73 trees Support Order confirmed 9/10/18 
P1038/18/FUL Clearwell: Clearwell Farm Erection of a poultry house control room, plant room, siting of 2 x feed bins, back up generator, water tank, and 2 x gas tanks.  Construction of a concrete apron and access road. (Retrospective.)


Full response here 

 P1127/18/FULNewland: 3 Laundry Lane Construction of first floor front balcony, rear raised terrace with associated retaining wall and construction of retaining wall upon entrance to dwelling. (Retrospective.) No objection but comment on trees on boundary having possibly been undermined and error in application form. 
P0973/18/TCA Clearwell: Waterley Bottom, The Cross Fell and replace 1 x Cedar Deodara tree No objectionPermitted 

Clearwell: Bank Cottage, High Street 

Alteration and changes to boundary wall and access (part retrospective).  Erection of a two storey double garage incorporating hobby room and gym 


Fails to enhance the Conservation Area through loss of characteristic wall which should be reinstated and because of the block shaped building which is not in keeping with the cottage style street scene.  If permission granted, gym to be for personal use of occupier of Bank Cottage only. 

P0812/18/TCA Newland: Fieldfares Fell 1 x Beech tree No objection subject to officer agreeing the work is necessary Permitted 
P0776/18/LD1 Upper Redbrook; Gloucester Place Application under s.191 to confirm that planning application P1123/06/FUL has been implemented for the purposes of s.56 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 Not qualified to comment Certificate of lawful use or development issued 12/7/18 


Mr I Knock 

Clearwell: Cavedd Cottage, High StreetErection of a replacement conservatory. Demolition of existing No objectionPermitted 20/6/18 - 2 conditions 
P0535/18/FUL Redbrook: Applegate, Hillside RoadErection of a first floor extension connecting on to existing roof room, porch to the side of dwelling and internal alterations and associated works. No objectionPermitted 13/6/18 - 2 conditions 
P0507/18/FUL Newland: Valley Lodge, Laundry Lane Erection of a replacement outbuildings / barn with associated works No objectionpermitted 28/6/18 - 4 conditions 
P0637/18/FUL Newland: Savage Hill, Almshouses Road Variation of condition 03 (landscaping proposals) to allow for the erection of a car port and retaining wall with associated works (Retrospective) 

OBJECTION:Car port does not enhance the Conservation Area; deplore destruction of boundary hedging; overlooking of adjacent property 

P0553/18/FUL Clearwell: Clearwell C of E primary school Replacement of part of play area with play lawn surfacingNo objection

Permitted 6/6/18 - 2 conditions

P0339/18/FUL Stowe Green: Rose Cottage Erection of 2 storey side extension, 2 storey front extension and outdoor swimming pool & associated works.  Installation of a PV array No comment  
P0286/18/COUColeford: Lambsquay House Hotel, Perrygrove Road Change of use from hotel (C1) to shop (A1), business (B1) & hotel (C1)No objection but concerns over highways issuesPermitted 3/7/18 - 6 conditions 
P0457/18/ADVA466 north of Bigsweir Advertisement consent for erection of free standing welcome sign OBJECT.  Unnecessary & intrusive Permitted 
P0251/18/TCA Newland: Ridgeway Remove 1 x Conifer tree No objection 
P0094/18/TCA Clearwell: Lower Cross Cottage, Lower Cross Coppice 2 x Hazel trees & remove dead stems, 30% crown thin 2 x Apple trees, up to 30% crown reduction of 1 x Prunus tree, removal of 1 x Alemanchier tree 

No objection

P1979/17/TE Redbrook: Verge A466 by BT phone kiosk Installation of a telecommuncations cabinet No objecton Permitted 12/2/18 - 4 conditions 
P1903/17/LBC Clearwell: Cemetery Chapel Listed Building Consent for insertion of a Victoria Cross commemorative stone (600mm x 600mm x 50mm) in the boundary wall of a Grade II Listed Building No comment (Parish Council is the applicant) Permitted 8/2/18 - 4 conditions 
P1855/17/FUL Clearwell: 1 Lower Cross Erection of a replacement boundary fence, removal of existing hedge. (Retrospective) No objection

Refused 9/2/18.

Appeal lodged 5/6/18. 

Appeal allowed 

17/0122/FDMAJM Stowe Green: Clearwell & Stowe Hill quarries Extension of Stowe Hill quarry & retention of mineral processing plant at Clearwell quarry. Under consideration - see 'Quarrying' page for progress etc  
P1933/17/TCA Newland : Ridgeway Removal of 11 x conifers & 1 Ash tree No objection --
P1825/17/FUL Whitecliff: Honeysuckle Cottage Erection of single storey extension No objection Permitted 
P1847/17/TCA Clearwell: Cemetery Chapel Removal of 12 trees No objection -- 
P1796/17/CPC As line below As line below As line below  
17/0110/FDMAJM Stowe Green: Clearwell & Stowe Hill Quarries Variation of Condition 2 (Approved working programme) of planning consent dated 5/1/07 [revised restoration programme]

Full response here

P1692/17/TCA Newland: Medina Remove 1 Ash tree & 1 Hazel tree to rear of property No objection--
TPO230 Newland: Yew Tree Cottage Creation of Tree preservation Order on Yew tree Support Preservation order made
P1482/17/FUL Newland: Rose Cottage Roof and internal alterations No objection Permitted 
P1483/17/LBC Newland: Rose Cottage  Listed Building Consent for aboveNo objection Permitted 7/11/17 - 3 conditions 
P1161/17/FUL Redbrook: Swallows Nest, Hillside Road Erection of a two-storey side extension & associated works No objectionPermitted 11/9/17 - 3 conditions 
P1140/17/FUL Clearwell: Clearwell Farm Erection of 4 agricultural buildings for poultry production (revised proposal of P0711/15/FUL Objection - see 'News' page for responseRefused 15/11/17
P1153/17/TCA Newland: All Saints Church Tree work (Lifting crowns and general pruning)No objection --
P1003/17/FUL Redbrook: land at To erect 6 foot panel fence and a drop kerb - part retrospective Objection: inappropriate in the AONB and at entry to village; appears to be pre-cursor to major building development; query legitimacy of fence height adjacent to highway; highway access; false statement in application form in particular claim that site is not in a flood risk zoneRefused 24/8/17 
P0990/17/FUL Newland, 3 Laundry Lane Alterations to dwelling including the erection of a juliette balcony No objection Permitted 4/8/17 - 3 conditions 
P0984/17/TE Redbrook: Football Club Erection of a 15m mobile phone mast with 2 antennae, 2 dishes, & 3 ground based cabinets for mobile electronic communications, 2G, 3G & 4G No comment. We recommend the applicant holds a public meeting to discuss this.Approved 11/8/17 - 3 conditions 
P0911/17/FUL Clearwell: Clearwell Farm Installation of a new biomass housing & 500kW biomass boiler No objectionApplication withdrawn 14/8/17 
P0739/17/TCA Newland: Fieldfares Tree work in conservation area No objection  --
P0470/17/FUL Clearwell: Woodpeckers, Lower Cross Single storey side extension No objection Permitted 12/5/17 - 3 conditions
P0442/17/LBC Clearwell: South Lodge, Church Street Listed building Consent for garden room No objection Permitted 26/7/17 - 2 conditions 
P0285/17/FUL Whitecliff: Honeysuckle CottageErection of a conservatory to rear of dwelling No objection 

Permitted 5/4/2017 - 2 conditions 

Clearwell: Clearwell Farm Appeal against refusal of permission for the erection of 8 broiler units with associated infrastructure following demolition of existing poultry units and bungalow. Appeal withdrawn 20/3/2017
16/0114/FDMAJM Stowe Green: Clearwell quarry Variation of condition 2 (use of concrete batching plant) of planning consent DF/2238/W dated 19/12/2002 No objection 


Redbrook: Hillside Road Construction of two detached dwellings Objection: site outside settlement boundary; access difficult & on steep walk-to-school route. Revised plans submitted in February - same objection.

Refused 1/4/2017

Appeal against refusal dismissed 25/10/2017