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Council Information

On 22 January 2007 Newland Parish Council became only the second authority in Gloucestershire to be granted Quality Status. This status was reaffirmed on 9 February 2011 for a further 4 year period.

To be awarded Quality Status the Parish Council had to demonstrate that it:
  • Is representative of, and actively engages with, all parts of its community, providing vision, identity and a sense of belonging;
  • Is effectively and properly managed;
  • Has the ability and capacity to take on the enhanced role and responsibility that Quality Status is likely to bring.

The Council was required to satisfy the panel that it was competent on each of the following points to be awarded Quality Status:

  • Electoral mandate
  • Qualified Clerk
  • Council meetings
  • Communication
  • Annual Report
  • Accounts
  • Ethical framework
  • Community Engagament
  • Training

Accreditation is valid for 4 years and thus the Parish Council will seek re-accreditation in 2015.