Highways and Road Closures

 Update - 10 February

1.  Proposed series of road closures in and around Clearwell between 3 March & 16 April 2021

      a. Pingry Lane from junction with B4228 to Lower Cross  - a distance of 1730m  COMPLETED 

      b. From The Cross (Clearwell) to Platwell (Church Farm entrance) - a distance of 400m.  UNDER WAY

      c.  From outside 14 Council Villas to Scatterford Farm - a distance of 1200m COMPLETED

      d.  Entire length of The Rocks - a distance of 520m COMPLETED

      e.  From Platwell (Church Farm entrance) to Shophouse Farm - a distance of 971m

      f.  From The Cross to Pingry Lane (540 metres) 25 March - 16 April

      g. Lambsquay Road / High Street from  junction with B4228 to The Cross (950 metres) 3 - 26 March

These closures will not occur at the same time, but phased.   All are full road closures with pedestrian and emergency access  maintained.

2. A466 north of Bigsweir bridge to stabilise landslip.  Full road closure 1 March - 9 April 2021.  Emergency and pedestrian access only. 

3. Bream Avenue, Trow Green, Shophouse corner. Early warning of works in January - April 2021.  Currently under way under traffic lights control.  

4. A466/A48 Highbeech Roundabout, Chepstow. Full overnight closures (20:00 to 06:00) from 15 Feb for expected 2 weeks.

Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) data

Summary of data captured by our VAS.  This will be updated as we get more data

Updated analyses 18 Feb 2021