Climate Action Working Group

The Parish Council set up the Climate Action Working Group (CAWG) in February 2021 following a resolution by the Parish Council to "seek to identify ways in which affirmative action may be taken at parish and community level to combat the effects of climate change."  

Therefore the core objective of the CAWG is to research and identify possible initiatives within the Parish and its surrounding communities to combat the effects of climate change. This may include liaison with other council bodies and organisations. Possible initiatives will be considered in the following areas:

1. Direct control. These are the kind of things over which we have our own control in the course of our council activities – e.g. those things related to energy consumption, recycling and reducing waste.

2. Procurement and Commissioning. These are in connection with choices we make when obtaining goods and services i.e. hiring companies and individuals who are on board with net zerotargets.

3. Place shaping. This is to do with using any powers we have to design and apply policies which would result in net zerooutcomes. E.g. deciding where practical we would always try to get something repaired rather than buying new.

4. Engaging/communicating. This is using the councils influence and leadership to raise awareness and encourage shifts in behaviour e.g. Explaining to groups and individual parishioners why it is important to invest in renewable energy rather than continue with the use of fossil fuels.

5. Convening. This is seeing opportunities to bring people together to encourage 'net zero' initiatives to be taken in local communities.

6. Showcasing. This is encouraging positive action to be taken by setting a good example ourselves and promoting and rewarding others to adopt good(i.e. towards zero carbon) practices.

7. Lobbying. This is encouraging positive action to be taken by other government bodies and organisations by representing the interests and needs of parishioners and local communities for policy changes and climate action initiatives e.g. electric charging points being installed locally.

Membership of the CAWG comprises any Newland Parish Council member and any resident of the parish - total membership limited to 15. 

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